JOURNAL | Dealing with difficult people.

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 350 / 1,000 ~ 35% Complete

22:24 | HAVE YOU EVER TRIED dealing with difficult people? I’ve been dealing with one for a couple of months now, and it’s really a grind spending almost 3 hours each day with him for so long. So of course it’s the teacher.

As a teacher of four years myself, I couldn’t understand his style, he doesn’t engage with students, he doesn’t empathize, he doesn’t assess students needs. He has his syllabus, and teaching plan, and like gastric tube, he funnels it down our brains. No concern for individual learning styles, when we become timid he just gets mad, and the day is worst for it.

What makes things more terrible is how he just doesn’t really care after he gets the response he wants. He’s a functioning sociopath at this point, because he doesn’t really try to connect.

In my experience, teaching is about engagement, identify with your students, and try to find the best way for them to learn. That’s why each class I’ve handled will always be different, and it’s a pedagogy I trained for 2 years in getting my masters.

I’m just super annoyed and frustrated at his behavior at this point, and I have no choice. I have to finish the class.

But I guess this is a test on my character, to see if I can keep my calm disposition despite having to deal with him. I’m not sure what I should be doing, but I really should focus on the class and just finish it. I have a few more weeks, I’m sure I could do it by then.

OTHER THAN HIM, TODAY was pretty much nice. I got to interact with my classmates better and brought out our frustrations together and let out some steam. Also, I’m getting back to my routine, I think my abdomen is doing fine, no pains there today while doing push ups so the challenge is still going well.


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