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THERE’S A MANTRA THAT BODYBUILDERS use that gives them that concentrated mindset to allow them turn their bodies into amazing pieces of art. And this mantra really does have that triggering affect that gives them the power to push through extremely difficult feats of strength to achieve their goals. And I know how difficult it is to power through that last rep, to deprive yourself of that food, to make sure that you wake up every morning with the same level of momentum to follow through with the goals of the day.

And for someone who would like to change their lives, living up to that mantra and applying it to your journey might just be one of the secrets you need to learn to become a better you.


“My body is my greatest creation”
– Jim Stoppani

The mantra is: “My body is my greatest creation”, it’s a simple phrase with one powerful message, that what you are is because of what you have made it to be. And it makes sense, you have the body that you built, every aspect of your physique as a body builder comes down to the decisions you have made and the actions you have taken to reach where you are now.

People who are successful in bodybuilding value this mantra above a lot of things. They aren’t affected by the environment because their bodies aren’t controlled by those factors, a bad diet exist because they engineered the perfect diet to suit their goals through trial and error, through extensive knowledge gathering. There is no down days, because each day is a struggle to maintain what they have built.

And I think that if we put this mindset into personal change, I believe that we could also harness that power of focus to allow to power through our obstacles.

The Role of the Creator

HAVE YOU EVER ASSUMED THE ROLE OF A CREATOR? A simple example is a parent, who has brought life into the world and in every normal case, they value the child with all their heart. Another example is for myself: Arkham Prison.


It’s basically a prison in the game Prison Architect. I’ve been playing this prison for a while now, tweaking it regularly to make it the perfect prison. Even if it’s just running in the monitor while I do something else, I take pride in what I’ve made because it has reached a point where it has become inescapable and self sustaining.

So what if we can apply that same passion if we treat our personal improvement as something we build and maintain, and not just a finish line we have to cross?

Built not Obtained


I’ve received lots of gifts over the years, and I can’t most of them anymore. But I still have my drawings from when I was just 10 years old. The value of something you consider you made outweighs anything you obtained. I would make the argument that entrepreneurs who built a business would value it highly as compared to an employee who rises up the ranks until they reached a point they couldn’t climb any higher.

The metaphors display the same suggestion: Treat your progress as something your building, and not something you have to obtain.

When you change for the better, you work your ass off until you become that better self. But then what? Let’s take the story of the Biggest Loser winners who end up gaining weight after the competition because they couldn’t maintain it because they already met their goal.

The moment we relax because we think the journey is over is the moment everything we built up comes to pieces.

Your Progress is a Garden

The sad thing about personal change is that we think of it as a tree, that we take care off to a certain point, and when it grows, it becomes self sustaining. Human nature is more complicated than that, because what sustains the growth is the one being cared for. We have to consider our change as a garden.

Something you tend to constantly, vigilantly watching for threats and signs of any problems. We should visit our garden regularly, and see to it that continues to grow, because unlike trees, we are more fragile and prone to succumb to the weeds of conformity.

“Let me take a day off, I think I earned it”, “One bite shouldn’t be too bad”, “I’ve done enough already, I think I’ve hit my stride already”, “Why bother when I’m just going to die in 20 years?”, and my favorite: “Nobody strives that hard, why should I be different?”

The problem with society is that excellence is often scorned. The metaphor the Simpsons used was: “What happens when a blade of grass grows higher among the rest? We cut it down…”, and thus we drown in the sea of mediocrity.

So keep watch, and never think that your fight is over, because it never will end. Going back to the backbone of the mantra, bodybuilders succeed, because they know that their progress is something they maintain, that requires care.

If we put our minds into the idea that our personal improvement isn’t just an item on checklist that needs to be crossed out, then the future just might prove to be a lot better in terms of your personal well being.

Build yourself, and like any creation, keep it alive and strong.


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