Journal | Stronger everyday! And taking things simpler.

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 300 / 1,000 ~ 30% Complete

08:03 | I’m starting to love Google Docs, it’s an amazing app that lets me construct my documents efficiently, and I’m able to write, edit, & read on the go because the phone app is intuitive enough that I have the editing features I need that doesn’t eat up my phone memory. And I have been making use of the app well, ever since Smart opened up the 4G network to prepaid subscribers, I’m able to access the internet with decent speed to do what I need to do online.

Now, I’m talking about Google Docs because I’m starting a new way of managing my goals, and that is by cataloging my personal projects in thesis form.

feat_journalThis is actually a big step, since I’m now following a structure that allows me to place metrics that keeps me on track with my different goals. As of now, I only do have one concrete goal in mind, which is financial independence, and that requires a lot of hard work for the next few months. But with me building the plan for the Midas Initiative, I hope to be able to accomplish a lot of things when I step on Finland with in the year.

I’m excited, but at the same time scared. Can I do this? I’m not sure yet. But I have to do my best when the moment demands it!

Now, with the organized projects in document form, I have to build the plans for my other personal change projects, and that of course includes the big Ikigai Project that will be the main project pushing the goals I will be placing here on the blog. I’m doing fairly well so far, with things moving in an upward trend at least, and I have to keep watch still.

Anyway, with regards to other things, my PUSH UP CHALLENGE is doing fairly well, with me at 30% so far and just 9 days down. And I’m really proud of that, I even think that I could surpass the 1,000 push up goal!

But I am feeling a small tear at my lower right abdomen that may indicate that I should take a break from pushups for a couple of days. But I might fall back to old habits if I keep that up, so again I should be weary of those things.



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