Journal | I’m Building a New Routine


LET’S START BUILDING SOME HABITS that would benefit us in the long run here. It’s something that I was thinking about last night, and I had the blueprint of the day in my head, but I never really put it into paper yet. Because I’m trying to consider multiple possibilities, thus I have to account some contingencies that I have to have just in case some things would keep me from the routine.

But as I keep going back to it, I just end up scraping what I have thought about all together. Then I realize I might be overthinking how I’m going about this thing.

The purpose of the routine is to essentially allow me to develop some necessary habits that would facilitate the maintenance of my well being in the future. Of course, if I don’t develop the healthy habits, whatever I do today will just end up ‘things I regret doing’ part of my past and so progress wasted.

But in thinking about this, am I just over complicating what might be just a simple process? I can’t really tell right now, being in the experimental phase of my journey, a lot of things can come and go and I could just have a new thing next week. With Monday coming up in the next morning, I have to make sure that my shit is together so that I’m not just wasting energy on these things.

But to give you an idea, here is what I want to happen:

  1. Wake up early and start meditations.
  2. Spend at least one hour reading / listening to podcasts or audio books
  3. Perform morning cardio post eating.
  4. Spend at least one hour on projects.

So four habits that I want to start, but it may be a little bit tricky [as I talked about in this post].

With number 1, I have to wake up early and not succumb to the comfort of the bed. Strategy: DRINK COLD WATER IMMEDIATELY TO SPIKE UP METABOLISM AND SLEEP RELATIVELY EARLY. The rest are just thing I have to constantly remind myself about, and I think a simple tapping of my phone can accomplish that.

Hopefully I could do that.

So how about today? What did I accomplish?

Well, just some things. Mainly, I managed to do 40 push ups despite being extremely lazy. Of course Sunday is church day and family day, so we were out of the house and doing family stuff. The afternoon led me to eat a lot of food because of how rare I would get Siopao so tasty. That’s basically a steamed meat bun, a familiar food here in the Philippines.

My most productive would be at night, where I tried to read up some things. I did manage to finish ‘Oath of the Gatewatch’ and now I’m starting ‘Shadows Over Innistrad’, so that’s something.

Other than those things, nothing much today. Let’s try to do more tomorrow. BUT WAKE UP EARLY DAMN IT!



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