Journal | Saturday shall be my Rest day.

So that was one hell of a week, if your like me and you start the week with Sunday, then today is the end of one difficult start to a challenge I’m not sure I could keep up. For example, today I didn’t do anything. No project, no workout, no anything. Just spent my time playing games and watching Youtube videos.

Now that wasn’t really a good use of my time, and thus was essentially dead time [1], so the problem with tomorrow would be, can I get back from this haitus? It’s usually these kinds of days when you break the routine that all hell comes down and you go back to your sad sorry past self.

Well, then I have to keep reminding myself that, that should not happen. Do I want this? Do I really want to accomplish anything? If the answer is yes, then when the sun shines tomorrow I have to start a new week.

Each new week is a new chance to beat the accomplishments of the last one, so I’m going to make next week count.


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