Journal | Injured Wrists are Fine for Progress.

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 170 / 1000 PUSH UPS DONE ~ 17% Completed.
TODAY: 20 | BEST: 50 / Day 

I have injured my wrists before, it was during a pull down set when I forced a final rep and the straps chocked my wrists into a nasty bruise and I couldn’t really move my hands for a few days. Today, it was from doing push ups and I seemed to have induced a carpal tunnel due to my weight. It may not really be that, but I can’t rotate my wrists with out inducing pain. So after 20 of fist push ups (basically my hands are in a fist), I think I should relax for a day or two to avoid any further injury in the coming days.

And that’s all well and good, I’m nearly 20% there, and it’s just been 5 days. Seems like I would be able to do this challenge after all if I keep up atleast an average of 50 per day. Anyway, at most I have been productive today. But I do need to realize the importance of rest. I can’t just chop away and break the axe.


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