Journal | Momentum, momentum…

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 150 / 1000 PUSH UPS DONE ~ 15% Completed.
TODAY: 50 | BEST: 50 / Day 

So how can you take momentum and follow through for the win?

I woke up today energized and I knew I had to do something with that fire lest I waste it. So I got up, and began to browse Spotify for a energy burst to get me through my workout and check out a lot of things on my task list.

So I opened up this playlist [LINK] and I was greeted to Geronimo which followed up with Shut Up & Dance. So music, music is a good way to work with your momentum. To get that needed push to bring your progress up just a little higher.

This led me to actually do some chores done quickly, and finish my projects immediately and I actually don’t feel as tired anymore. Energy seems to flow, just because I harnessed that momentum and ignited the power to push through the day. Up until now, I think I could almost anything, and I don’t want to go to waste.

So I set up some new challenge parameters for me, like a personal best on the push ups. Now I’m not just after that 1,000 Push Up mark, but I’m aiming to do more Push Ups with each succeeding day. I should at least match my previous push ups, or better yet go over it. There aren’t really any rewards for this, but the arbitrary numbers do motivate me to keep on going.

Anyway, the day proceeded normally but with a better mood for me. I wasn’t as moody to other people because I was tired, I managed to survive the language class with no feelings of annoyance to the teacher. I am just feeling very positive.

AND THAT’S GOOD! Positive is what will make me move forward, and I have to keep that improving mindset if intend to keep up.

Momentum should be conserved, and I have to remind myself that everyday. What motivates you to push through against the tides?


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