Journal | Dead time everywhere!

CHALLENGE PROGRESS: 50 prev. + 50 today/1000 PUSH UPS DONE ~ 10% Completed.

I THINK IT WAS RYAN HOLIDAY who said that Dead Time is time wasted not doing anything to improve yourself. That’s not a quote, but I think that’s the idea behind what he wrote in his book. Which I can’t find anywhere in my shelf, and it’s a small shelf!

But moving on, Dead Time is really time that is dead. And I was reflecting on that during my walk to town (I have to walk a while, before I reach the commute), and I realized that I may have a lot of dead time in my daily routine.

In 24 hours, I sleep around 7 hours. The rest is my routine time, so in 17 hours:

  • Around 4 is spent on commute (4/17)
  • Around 3 is spent on eating and idling in eating areas (7/17)
  • Around 4 is spent on the computer gaming (11/17)
  • Around 2 is spent on projects (13/17)
  • And around 4 hours is spent idling, this includes Youtube, Movies, and other non gaming things. So I guess I can say 8 hours is unproductive.

So basically, I can say that only 2 hours is actually non-dead. Or in Ryan Holiday’s description: Alive Time. So I am only growing personally, for 2 hours daily.

And that isn’t really a good thing to know. I just imagine how much I could accomplish if I spent the other 15 hours more productively. What if I listened to books while eating, walking or commuting. I could read rather than watch nonsense, or I could watch something that could actually improve myself.

That is something that a lot of people should consider when they are on a path to self improvement. How much of your time are you spending to getting to be a better person? Well, I am still on the infancy of this journey, but the small lessons do help a great deal.

Other than this realization, I didn’t do any push ups this morning because my everything hurts, but I did do another 50 tonight that puts my total to 100 accumulated. I’m almost at that goal, and looking at this pace, I just might be able to complete this challenge!


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