Journal | Can I do THIS!?

I MADE A PROMISE to myself the other night, that by September 1, 2016. I would have accumulated 1,000 push-ups. And last night, it seemed like a good idea, it seemed like it was just an intro challenge. But after doing 30 last night, and doing another 20 this morning, I don’t think I have what it takes to actually do this.

I’m not sure if I can do this.

So that’s the story of the day.

Have you ever felt so confident that you could actually do anything, and no one can tell you otherwise? That’s how motivated I was last night, and I really am having problems trying to keep it going. The accomplishment of today may have drained a lot of my energy, and maybe that’s why I suddenly feel hesitant about my prospect for success in this challenge.

Today I finished a 21 hour fast, with the purpose of resetting my metabolism, and now of course comes the hard part of moderating your intake until you get that level of satiation that would actually make the fast worth while. So now that, that’s done, I’m now Iooking at the push up challenge that I set for myself.

There are a lot of ways that this could go down, but I think the most obvious would be to gradually increase the number of push ups I do daily that I actually do more than the previous day.

Seems simple enough, but for someone who hasn’t done any type of exercise for months now, this really isn’t so simple. A PUSH UP is one of the best benchmarks for core strength, and thus actually one of the hardest to pull of correctly to achieve the best results.

Feet must be together, back straight, then kiss the floor. Because of the initial stance, a lot of muscles in the core is trying to stabilize your body, this is why a plank is so hard. The challenge of trying press your body to the floor and push is back up again requires not only for your chest and arms to work, but for your abs to keep that tension through out the entire movement. Done correctly, you just got to train a lot more than just your pecs.

But again, that’s why the challenge seems to hard now that I look at it. With just 50 reps out of a 1000, my stomach is already hurting, and I’m not sure what another rep would look like when I do another set before I sleep.

Well, I already put this challenge out here. Might as well stick to it.




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