Thoughts | Your biggest problem in the journey to self improvement.

MY BEST PROGRESS was from a few years ago, when I decided that I will actually start bodybuilding. And I had a year of success, and actually had some transformation in body and mindset. But after that burst, I’m back in bad shape and can’t seem to get out of that slump. And until today, I couldn’t really grasp the reason.

What happened?

I could actually be proud of some accomplishments.

Hubris. Plain and simple, and it’s only by recognizing that this exist could one actually move forward.

What was my thought process during those 6 months? I was inspired by Kris Gethin in those days, I was depressed because I was out of the dating scene for a while then, and I actually managed to channel my emotions towards bettering myself.

Kris Gethin was my idol, and much of my efforts were placed on trying to be him. I copied how he looked and followed all of his advice in going through the gym. It was almost religious how I did everything he did, ate everything he ate, acted nearly exactly how he acted. I even got his mo-hawk and shaved my beard the way he did, because I wanted to be just like him.

I downloaded all his videos, and played them on my phone or computer daily, almost every other hour, just to motivate myself to endure the challenges of the gym. I injured myself multiple times, but the trial and error was so satisfying because I felt indestructible, like nothing can stand in my way. And I actually did something with myself.

But as I got deeper into the meta of bodybuilding, I tried to stray away from Kris Gethin and his methods. I thought I had learned enough that I didn’t need to follow him anymore, and that I could accomplish in less than a year what he has accomplished through years of training.


And I couldn’t tell at the time, but this was when I mixed up my workout and played with my sets. Suddenly, the gains stopped so hard, that I couldn’t see any changes for 2 months. I began to get frustrated, and in a few weeks I just stopped all together. It’s been years now, and as I re read Mastery by Robert Greene, I realized my mistake.

My apprenticeship wasn’t over, and I tried to reach a level where I wasn’t even prepared to enter.

Mastery involves certain stages, and I skipped the formative stage of apprenticeship, where I observe, practice and adapt. I haven’t even achieved the level of Kris Gethin and I dared to over reach, and of course I accomplished nothing.

A lot of people think that getting to know the basics is enough to assume the role of the master, only to fail miserably, and now that I’m aware of this. I think I can actually do something again. And the steps for my recovery involves actually stepping back into the Master’s tutelage, and master the basics.

So my body transformation is rebooting (again), but emulation won’t stop there. I’m trying to look for other Masters whom I could model and emulate and hope to reproduce their success. And I need to realize that the challenge takes years, I have to be patient and recognize my level daily.

Stay Humble, and do not stray from the path of learning. Mastery takes years, so be prepared to go through that journey.

The video that made me realize how much I don’t know about how to build my perfect body:


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