Journal | I should assume the role of who I want to be.

Podcasts. They should be my daily habit, because I get to learn about a lot of new things, and I should really try to listen to more. For example, today I finally got to listen to NPR’s Invisibilia, and the topic really made me think about the power of clothes and how they make the man. I tried it today, and I feel great!

The episode was entitled: The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes, and they tell several stories about how the clothes we wear may contribute to what we do in our lives. And I learned that depending on what clothes you choose to put on can really affect you perspective on the world depending on how you let it happen.

There was a story of how a kid got over her fear of flight when she put on a costume of Amelia Earhart. There was also how people feel smarter when they were clothes of a scientist. And maybe unconsciously, how we present ourselves do affect how we behave and this made me think about how I dress up.

Usually, I wear a hoodie or jacket over a random shirt, with the cleanest pair of jeans I can find and faded out shoes. Never really caring that I looked too casual and homely, as long as I was comfortable. And maybe looking like this did affect my behavior, why bother improving myself when I don’t even care about how I look?

But as I made my reflections today, I realized that there was a time when I tried to look like a better version of myself. I cared about what shoes I wore, what clothing combinations, and I did experience a higher state of living. Sure the maintenance was high, but I felt awesome, I felt really amazing that I couldn’t see myself looking like anything else.

And that must be something I have to consider as I move on with my self improvement. Dress not just to impress, but dress as the person you want to be.

And starting today, I want to be a lot of people. And that requires planning. But I’m motivated, and I can pull this off!



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