Journal | Alright! Progress!

SO I’M A LEVEL 2 BATTLE MAGE now, with regards to my self improvement app progress. LEVEL 2, that’s exciting, which means I managed to grind up enough small task to merit some acknowledgement that I actually achieved something.

Sure. I could treat it that way, but all this means that in order to move up faster, I can’t stick to low level tasks. That would take forever, so right now I a lot more to look forward to and that’s kind of scary.

I mean, could you really sum up progress with numbers? Is everything so arbitrary that you could just mark off things from a checklist and it would be okey?

I accumulated 100 push ups in 30 days, that should mean something right?

So not really, if you consider that change requires persistence. And that progress isn’t cumulative, it requires consistency. Much like a cup with a tiny hole, to keep it full you have to keep pouring in and keep up with how much you’re losing.

That’s why I can’t treat the level up as something significant because that was progress over time. I need to produce a streak of achievements, in order for them to be considered as useful.



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