Journal | Lessons learned from Sims

So today is a Saturday, and I spent a good portion of my time playing Sims 4. And it was fun, but like all management based games, it was completely tedious. Having to grind through the day over and over again, doing the same thing and trying to complete arbitrary goals.

But as I look at my life now, it isn’t any different. I wake up and look at my task list and I complete arbitrary goals. As I have shared in my previous post about gamifying my life.

So I wonder if God gets bored from grinding me through the day the way I am with my Sims?

Well, that’s an existential problem I’ll deal with later. But for now, I think I should understand that the daily grind ia part of life, and you can only level up that skill if you persist through the challenge of boredom.

A concept introduced early in Mastery by Robert Greene, where only those who persist through and keep up the practice achieve Mastery. And at this point, I really should do that. Practice and pursue mastery. 


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