Journal | Almost slipped up

Today is a frustrating day for many reasons. Let’s begin with the fact that my feet were soaked in dirty rain water for a good portion of the afternoon, I forgot to bring my umbrella, and I had to walk across town for personal reasons. So yeah, other than the fact that a *swear word adjective* will be ruining my life on Monday, things just didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to be today.

So as far as a daily update is concerned, the most productive thing I’ve done today was read a mandatory reading list. But most of my time was spent on nothing. And that seems like a big deal. How many times have you actually tried to be productive, only to end up procrastinating and find yourself 8 hours later with nothing to show for in the end?

And how do you deal with that?

I honestly am not sure. This isn’t your usual failure where you can see what went wrong, this is the type of failure where yeah, you can’t just point out what started the shit show and how you could move on when you don’t have the slightest idea what you have not done.

But I did try to look at the bright side. Like I didn’t miss posting this journal, so that’s something right? I didn’t even realize the time of night that I am typing this, but I am pushing as much thought into what I’m trying to say.

And that is, fuck up’s do happen. You move past it, and consider it just one of those days where you can’t really do anything about except to do your hardest to not have it repeat again. And I guess that’s all I can say about today. I do feel sick, I do think I need some rest, but the blog should keep on going. I’m not sure how many are actually reading this all the way through, but I hope you got that point across.

No matter how much you want to give in to the pressure, if you have a task you should do, you should do it. If your only barrier is boredom, fight it. Time is way to precious to spend not doing something. Even if it’s just a blog post.



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