Journal | What’s the Secret to Perfect Memory?

WHAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE IN my inner circle could be reminded of me, would be how I tend to forget things frequently. I would promise to bring something for someone the following day, only to end up empty handed and having to apologize and I’ll try again the next time.

But I do forget a lot of things.

So it comes as a surprise to me that in checking my luminosity, memory is actually my strongest point as compared to the other cognitive areas they set. And this was the theme of today, how can I actually recall so much about somethings, yet be forgetful at the same time?

I do ponder on a lot of aspects of my life lately, like what is the direction I should be aiming for, what should I be trying to change to keep that direction. And it’s hard sometimes, but reflecting on my daily thoughts do help me keep on track. Like for today’s post, I almost forgot to upload this brain thought and break this streak I have going of producing a blog post daily.

I almost didn’t get to do it as well, but keeping to a schedule does help me keep on going.

So that’s the reflection for today, how routine does help, and maybe this will be the key to achieving a perfect memory. I should make a routine that will force me to remember certain things, to commit them to my head.

And that may be a challenge. Because, how many things can you keep in your conscious thoughts before they embed into the unconscious? I guess I have to find out. I might just go and update my progress here.


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