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HOW DO YOU SET GOALS? I’ve had that problem for years now, as documented in this blog. And it has been really difficult keeping to a path because of boredom and fading interest on the goal. But for the past few weeks I actually found a way to help me with that, but I can’t say for certain that it’s a good help. However, it does hit something close to my heart that I may just follow through on this one.

LifeRPG is one of those gamification apps you can find in the app store. It has a very minimalistic design, but it isn’t as popular as Habitica. I prefer this one over the other because I don’t have to put my journey up on social media and the ever judging eyes of my inner circle (don’t ask me why I keep such friends).

But the app still serves the same purpose. Categorize your daily milestones into quests and gain experience for completing them. And I have been doing fine so far. Sure there are a lot quests that isn’t done or started, but I’ve managed to level up a few skills since I first started. And here is how I’ve done things so far:



Turning your life into a game may sound simple, but it really isn’t. It requires a lot of thinking and self awareness to properly design the game that would be your life. When you design your game wrong, you really won’t end up with anything productive.

So I’m going to share some tips on how you could start to gamify your life like I did.

  1. Immerse yourself in the narrative. Like any Role Playing Game, you are playing the lead in a narrative. Which just happens to be your life, but unlike a game, the script is completely in your hands. There are no tutorials, no save points, no hand holding like any other game. So you have the hard task of actually building up your story and progress through the grind which are your daily goals. And the only way to do that and NOT BE BAGGED DOWN by the boredom is to immerse. Imagine you’re already the hero of the story, and treat each task not as an item on a checklist, but an actual quest or mission that needs saving. Unless you believe in your role, you will never go anywhere.
  2. Stick to your story. If you play Sims, I’m sure you know of rosebud or motherlode which allow you sim your way without the hassle of money. But that hardly tells a compeling story worth following. So in your life game, you have the power to press CTRL + SHIFT + C and cheat your way out of your goals. No one is stopping you from checking off a task despite not doing it. Stick to your story, complete quests to you actually complete and fail those you actually fail.
  3. Be creative. The greatest boss monster in your life game is Boredom. And he will get to you one way or the other, and the best weapon against him is your creativity. In choosing your class, pick one that you would normally pick in a game. Paladin, Thief, Monk, or Mage. Don’t just place: “Game Designer” or “Sales Manager” or whatever your job is now. Remember, you are playing a game, so go crazy. I personally play Battle Mage as I’ve mentioned before. And in your quests, don’t give it normal names like: “Take out the Trash”, “Do 10 pushups”, or “Drink a Glass of Water”. Use mission names from games like: “Evict the Garbage Monster” or “Collect 10 Core Trinkets”. Be CREATIVE! Don’t hold the weird names back.

With those in mind, keep reading to see what I’ve done to gamify my life below:


I’ve broken down my quests into three areas:

  1. The Sieges of Keho
  2. The Sanctum of the Battle Mage
  3. The Trials at the University of Mieli

These are the three aspects of my life that I currently want to improve on. Keho is from Finnish which mean Body. So literally, it means ‘The Sieges of the Body’, where the missions are all about physical fitness and health. I gave it that name because I’ve always considered Physical Fitness as a battle with yourself to improve your body, and each time I win a battle with myself is one step towards those goals.

I managed to complete a couple of them over the past few days, but they are just simple battles, and I am still a long way from actually winning.

The second is called Sanctum to signify the sanctity of my personal life, like waking up early or not procrastinating as often. The little stuff that would improve my routine in terms of healthy use of dead time. So missions would be ‘Read more often’ and ‘Update your blog’. So for the past few days, I’ve managed to knock off a lot from this and I think I’m doing all right.

The third is using the Finnish word Mieli which means Mind, so this pertains to my mental acumen. I’ve wanted to improve certain aspects of my mind, like memory and problem solving. So the missions include things like Solve a Puzzle or Play a memory game.

All of these contribute to the major goals of personal improvement I have for myself so far.


All of the missions contribute to certain skill sets. For this particular app, I’ve chosen to categorize my skills to pattern the 6 aspects of a Dungeon and Dragons character as seen in the character sheet. From Strength to Charisma.

So I’ve assigned a stat increase for each mission done, to what I consider are vital aspects of my personal improvement.

  • STRENGTH – This would be physical fitness, because I want to achieve a physical state that is strong and able. So missions that involve improving my physic would go here.
  • CONSTITUTION – I categorize health here. So things that improve my physical, mental and emotional health come here. Like waking up early, eating healthy, drinking a lot of water, all fall in this skill set.
  • DEXTERITY – I would put things that improve my nibbleness here, like playing an instrument, working with small objects, even slight of hand.
  • WISDOM – This category is very subjective. I would include skills that include my awareness of the world, so philosophy and thinking are here. Mission range from reading material that would improve my understanding of the world, with topics including sociology and politics.
  • INTELLIGENCE – Here I place the missions that would help my higher cognitive processes, like calculations, memory, and problem solving. So missions that would stimulate my think fall here.
  • CHARISMA – Interpersonal skills fall here, so missions are simply those that improve how I interact with people. My speaking, writing, and demeanor are placed here.

I hope these have been a help to you, because they are indeed helping me. Good Luck on your quests!



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