My Library | Battle for Zendikar (Magic the Gathering Story)

I’VE ONLY GOTTEN BACK into Magic the Gathering recently and I haven’t been in touch with the story for a while. It was a couple of months back when the Battle for Zendikar happened, and I began building decks and playing cards again.

But it was only when I joined the pre release for Shadows over Innistrad, did the curiosity for what the hell is happening here kicked in. My friend and I began pondering over the madness, and where it came from, why was it attacking the denizens of the plane? What was the role of the previous storyline to this. And thus I began to hit the books, and I started with one question in mind: What happened during the Battle for Zendikar that brought Jace Beleren to the realm of Innistrad?



You can read the entire story of Battle for Zendikar here [link], so this post is all about the ebook collection and my thoughts on the narrative.

bfz-ebook-cover-2THE STORY BEGINS WITH THE DEFEAT of the the Eldrazi’s defeat at the hands of 3 legendary planeswalkers. Which then propels us thousands of years into the future, after the results of Khans storyline and the release of the Titans and Ulamogs onslaught over Zendikar.

In terms of pacing, it’s pretty bad. Mainly because of the fact that the entire book is composed of different mini stories written by different writers, with their own different styles that make up a whole mess of what should be straight forward narrative.

Now don’t take that as a negative. Because overall the compilation is still awesome. But if you are one that doesn’t appreciate a serial narrative where the style changes from chapter to chapter, this may be a difficult read. Although, it should be noted that though the styles are different, the writing is still pretty solid.

There are a lot of moments that I just get immersed in the story that I could feel Nissa’s pain & guilt, Jace’s reluctance, and Gideon’s self righteousness. There was no mistake in terms of telling the story.

Being a fan of this kind of fiction myself, I just can’t help but picture how the world reacts to the magic, as each event is vividly described by the different authors. There were even times that I would shed a tear because of how events unfolded, especially when we’re talking about an entire world dying (so damn you Mass Effect for what you did to Mordin!). I was getting inspired as well, because of the whole ‘last stand’ narrative that old foes must stand together against a greater threat thingy. And only to be crushed and feel so defeated at the ending, that I just couldn’t help but begin the next collection of stories to see what would happen next.


THE WRITERS FOR MAGIC THE GATHERING are really talented story tellers, and so I am just google-ing their works online and see what else they have written to add to my list of must reads.

So to conclude, yeah! This is a good story, and is definitely worth checking out. If you’re not a fan of the card game, that’s not really a problem. All you need is to catch up on the lore to enjoy the world of Planeswalkers.



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