Journal | Putting together the pieces

IT MAY HAVE TOOK 6 hours, but I’m slowly putting together the pieces of what I hope would be a more streamlined blog that actually serves a purpose and not just a collection of random posts I just happen to want to post.

So again, I’m trying to keep my focus and make sure that this blog will just be what the mission and vision I set out for it to be. Of course most of it would be personal updates here in the Journal, but I’m already researching for the upcoming topics that I will be publishing here in the future. I’m re-reading my favorite authors which will include Covey to Greene, maybe a little Holiday as well, depending on what I come across.

But I’m seriously motivated right now, and I think the future will be looking bright for this blog.


TODAY, I DID SPEND A GOOD PORTION of my time in getting some good screenshots for the persistent headers to properly categorize the posts, and I also did listen in double speed a couple of chapters of Robert Greene just so I can actually put in something here worth reading for my 10 to 20 readers monthly.

That’s a small number, but I hope with the direction I’m taking the blog it will grow eventually. With that in mind, I’m still keeping to the daily blogging schedule and I hope I don’t miss a date, because the first step in making a blog successful is a consistent writing date.

Anyway, other than that I did have to spend some time in school before I get back to this, and I’m just happy that I actually made some progress.



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