Journal | Blog Direction & Update

LOOKING AT THE CURRENT state of my blog, despite the years that have passed, I don’t really know what the purpose of this site really is. Is it a really just a catalog of my life? But I have reviews of books, movies and tv shows, I have game guides (which is the bulk of my traffic), I have random thoughts about things presented in a weird way.

I guess, I never really knew what was the point all this time.

And it’s time to change all that. The main problem is that I wanted to put in so much that there isn’t much in terms of a consistent audience. Who would want to read my blog? Who are the people I want reading this blog? These are the things that I should really consider with my posts moving forward.

So the question of the right blog for the type of audience I want to address, and this really means a lot of soul searching and constant tinkering with my writing and what messages I want to convey moving forward.


Like any endeavor, the most important thing would be to actually have an idea of what I want to accomplish and how I will accomplish that. So a mission & vision statement is in order.


I envision Nothing at All as my personal blog which will detail my journey towards self improvement on a daily basis, to serve as an inspiration for others who wish to also achieve a better version of themselves.

This will be accomplished by producing content that is constructed from my daily experience as well as researches based on the topic of the day. The production of blogs will be regular and goal directed based on a current project for self improvement.

But with a couple of years from the first time this blog was set up, a lot of posts have been accumulated over time. Those post won’t sync with what I have in plan for the blog moving forward, but I’ll just keep them here as sort of an archive, and history to look back on about the blog.


So with regards to the GAME CONTENT, I really should move it to a more appropriate blog that will address that audience as well. I already have the blueprint for my second site almost ready to go.

I plan to execute the new image of the blog as soon as I finished setting up what I need to set up. Other than that, it would be like this for now.


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