Thoughts | JK Culture in Japan – There’s Something Wrong here.

MAYBE IT’S A CULTURAL THING, but I can’t find it in myself to think that Schoolgirl Peddling is normal.

I came across this video from VICE News and I’m just weirded out to a high degree that open selling of companions are these rampant. It may not be prostitution, but imagine how creepy it would be for an older man spending time with an underaged girl in very questionable circumstances. If you go over the video here, you would be appalled as well, I’m sure.

This is just a symptom of how relationship dynamics work in Japan. Instead of establishing actual interactions based on mutual interest and genuine intimacy, people would rather pay for a temporary relationships. We hear about stories about guys getting married to virtual characters, or toys and dolls. And girls for rent is just another shortcut.

With this even existing, I am fearing for the state of women rights in Japan. And how terrible it would be to actually live there, if at such a young age, girls are placed into situations that pander to sexual fantasies of men.



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