Everything Else | I want to be a Dude in Dude Perfect

It was 2009 and when I first listened to the ‘Ask Men’ podcast, which really roped me into the whole ‘Alpha Male’ concept that brought me into bodybuilding and appreciating the whole concept of Male Identity. Of course, this got me into reading Men’s Health (I have a tower of the magazines now) and reading other material that focused on this topic intensively like Brett McKay in the Art of Manliness for example.

And so I am bewildered by the idea that I HAVE NOT DISCOVERED Dude Perfect a lot earlier.

Dude Perfect is essentially a channel were a group of guys do what dudes do. Imagine the stereotypical Bro, that’s what you get when you watch Dude Perfect. But there is a lot of Trick Shots, and it seems to be the staple of the 11 million fan base. There are some sketches and some other videos as well. This is one of my favorites:

What I enjoy really is the connection these guys have and I’d really like to get a beer with these guys. I’d imagine the stories and how they’ll teach me to do all those trick shots.

But watching the videos is enough for me.

What I don’t like would be the advertisements, but that isn’t really a deal breaker. Anyway, if you’re one who likes these kinds of videos I really recommend them.



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