Journal | What a day, and ended with a weird burger

HOW DO YOU REVIEW for a language test? That’s a question I’d like answered in the next 48 hours before I’m judged for my skill. Again.

Today wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be and so I just ended up watching videos on Feminism and I’m surprised at how volatile that topic is in the United States. Here in the Philippines, I can’t say from personal experience that those exist. And being trained by a school where 80% of the student population are women, I’d say more males are underprivileged. But I guess it’s just a matter of where you are and in what time. But this extends to other first world problems like: Capitalism.

There’s a movement that denounces capitalism, but from the videos on youtube, all I see are people who benefit from capitalism. They have expensive phones, expensive clothes, eat at expensive restaurants, drink at Starbucks and a lot of them have cars they use to drive around to make demonstrations about how they are oppressed. The mere fact that they have access to the internet to voice out their problems make them privileged.

I have to hike down a muddy path to reach a point where I could wait for a ride to town, where most of my travel is done by foot. I couldn’t afford to buy those character shirts of the superheroes I like unless I don’t eat for a couple of weeks. And while I struggle to stream at 240p resolution through my slow internet, I just cringe at how a lot of people complain over the stupidest things.

There aren’t enough minorities represented in movies. But I would look at Filipino movies, and I’m not asking why there aren’t enough white people. Nor would I ask that question with main stream Japanese, Korean, Bollywood movies. Shouldn’t that same expectation be extended towards American movies?

But I’m still baffled over the fact that this problem is problem.

Well that took up a lot of my mental energy, so I couldn’t review as well as I would like. Fortunately enough though, I was exercising my memory again and in the short term I couldn’t say I see a difference. Soon enough I’ll see it work out, just like any skill, practice is key.

SO THE DAY MOVED ON normally, with class being bore and going home late again. I thought I could relax a little and have a burger before going home. And here I was met by the ideal image of a customer representative.

As I approached the kiosk, she already gave me the ‘look’. And I was tired so I didn’t really read into it immediately, but when I asked for a burger, she didn’t even want to acknowledge my presence. Didn’t she want to sell me anything? I observed how she serviced the two other customers in beside me and she was really annoyed at how she flipped patties and wrapped up the sandwiches.

But by that point, I was only concerned over getting my burger.

But I couldn’t shake off the fact that someone would even put up a store and not have the energy to serve customers. This just messed up my day, and I’m just glad I got home okey.


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