Journal | Reinvogorated, but what to do with the momentum?

SO TODAY IS INTERESTING. I just found out that J has began processing her papers and we might just leave the country at the same time. So that has got me going and today I found out that my memory priming paid off. I got 100% of the words I stored in 2 days with little to no effort.

So I got the means to improve my memory and store a lot of data in less time, I just need to tweek my comprehension a bit. I still have a few days before the final exam, and my confidence is just starting to show again. So what do I plan to do?

Well, I guess I should begin with some of my weaknesses and that really include vocabulary. I still only know so few words that listening to Finnish people talk still sounds like gibberish and I can’t make out a word.

I was watching a Youtube video the other night saying that Grammar is the Engine of communication but Vocabulary is the Fuel.

As of know, I think the engine is doing fine. I just need more words to use to make it go. So for the next few nights, it’s reading all the way for me!


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