Journal | Just keep swimming

I’VE WATCHED FINDING DORY YEARS BEFORE, and it was an entertaining movie. I particularly enjoyed Willem Dafoe as Gil, though I enjoyed Willem Dafoe in any movie he shows up in.

Dem knuckles be awesome.

But I didn’t watch Finding Dory, and I really have no plan to watch it actually. Though today, I think about Nemo because of Dory. With days coming and going, I have to remind myself to keep going, and Dory saying “Just keep swimming” fits this very much. Despite everything that happens to her and Marlin, she just keeps swimming and moving on.

I need to keep moving on take matters into my own hands. That self affirmation has allowed me to stay motivated to keep going on.


YESTERDAY I CHECKED OFF SOME THINGS FROM MY CHECKLIST and that feeling of accomplishment sure is rewarding. Motivation doesn’t come easy. I woke up a little late, around 7am and had to check my time constantly so that I could do my workout and do everything else I had to do.

One of those things include reading Finnish and practicing my writing. And I had to do a lot of writing, but I only managed a few sentences. To most people who are learning a language, there isn’t a sense of urgency, but for me I have to time limit to learn the language and the clock is running out on me.

A lot of nordic languages are difficult to learn for a Filipino-English. Sure I know 2 languages, but the syntax of Finnish is just too different that I feel the time span is just too much. I go back to Gideon and the story of the everyman, to Dr. Cox and how he can do everything to give me some sense of ‘do-ability’.

But fiction has a way of distorting reality, and I when the truth hits me, I just don’t know what to do. Sure Finnish is different, but then again every skill does have that sense of being ‘alien’ to those not accustomed to doing them.

I guess I just have to face it. But the ‘How’ of the matter escapes me as of now.


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