Journal | Getting Back to Reading

Favorite Author: Arthur Conan Doyle.
And yet, the last time I read one of the Sherlock Holmes adventures was 6 years ago. There was a time when I would read the entire canon daily, from A Study in Scarlet to the Hounds roaming the estate of the Baskervilles. Lately, I haven’t found time to read. The last book I picked up was a Neil Gaiman novel about a man reminiscing his fascinating experience with a family of Witches.
Now, the last book I touched was a textbook in Finnish Language. And learning a new language really breaks my ability to compose a narrative in English, when I’m too concerned about the extremely difficult syntax of Finns.
But with me slowly getting back my control over time, I’m hoping to picking up a book. I’m looking at my library of things I could reread, and I’m choosing between fiction and non fiction, fantasy versus mystery. But I think that I’d better start off with an easy read. Maybe a short novel, or historical biographies. I haven’t read Stalin for over a year now.
Have you guys anything to suggest?


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