Journal | Post 16 hour Fast

I read about Intermittent Fasting around 3-4 years ago, when I really got into going to the gym and bodybuilding in general.

Today, I tried that again. Basically, my last meal was last night at 9pm and I ate today at 1pm. I ate around 600kCals worth of Boiled Pork, and I am still starving! The problem with fasting is the risk of a rebound if you cannot control the sudden drop of blood sugar brought about by the insulin shot with the your fast-breaking meal.

If you have no idea how metabolism works, it’s just that. Insulin Levels go down during hunger, spikes immediately after eating, which depletes your blood sugar levels which in turn makes you feel even more hungrier. Note that for a successful fast, the goal is to really control your intake when you stop.

The theory (because there is still no direct causation between fasting and weight loss, only correlation) is that fasting intermittently will be a kind of purge to your body’s metabolic state. This prep’s you up for the sudden increase in metabolism as your body will think that hunger is over, thus helping in fat-loss.

But like I said, you’re body will then begin thinking that it needs to consume more food in preparation for the next fast, this is why it’s so hungry. So you have to keep a keen mind, let the body adjust to the new caloric quota and have the hunger subside. When the hunger disappears, you can now begin your new diet which will set the tone for your metabolic rate moving forward.

The main goal here is to gradually adjust your basal metabolic rate down to a point where you can sustain function at a lower caloric level brought about by the body’s adjustment to the new diet.


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