Become the Batman Day #004

So after I started running my mouth (fingers?) in my last post, fate felt that she had to humble me and give me terrible cold the day after that very post. It’s between 7-11degrees here right now, and for people in the tropics like the Philippines, that’s cold man. I’m used to a comfortable 14deg C, but anything below that is a nightmare.

Though that didn’t stop me from trying to accomplish what I needed to accomplish.

So for the past few days, here is my thought process.

  • Patrick Bateman doesn’t eat fried – When confronted with a pile of french fries
  • Patrick Bateman doesn’t slouch – While sitting at Starbucks
  • Patrick Bateman finishes a workout – When I feel like giving up on the Barbell Circuit
  • Patrick Bateman chooses a better lifestyle – When I thought of saying: “Fuck it! Those people in the internet don’t care if I succeed in this or not”

Always a matter of telling yourself you can do better. The constant reminders of who I’m modelling sure helps, and today when I finally recovered (though only slightly), I did a monster Leg Day!

DTP 400lbs across 400 reps for Leg Presses

DTP 200lbs across 350 reps for Leg Extensions

DTP 150lbs across 350 reps for Leg Curls

All while doing cardio during sets.

And now I want to sleep. I might be having trouble walking again for a couple of days, but I was channeling Kris Gethin while in the Iron Jungle. The thoughts I have was: “Kris Gethin won’t give up. So I won’t give up” and well, the two other people in the gym were already laughing at me when I curled up in pain during my final set of Crunches to failure.

Sure it was embarrassing, but I just thought to myself: “These pencil legs couldn’t hold a candle to my workout today… So let them laugh”

It all falls down to not giving up! Believe in the impossible so you can do it!

*As a final note, I may not be posting daily now because of the new blog I’m preparing to do. Though if my posts could motivate other people to push themselves and grow and expand, I may make this more frequent again.


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