15.02 Challenge Update #05 – Become the Batman Day #000

Today is rest day, and my body is DOM-ed out. I won’t be hitting plateau anytime soon because all I’m doing is placing my body through hell each workout day. Tomorrow is SHOULDER DAY, and the goal is to go Atlas and carry the world!

Anyway, this will be the LAST Challenge Update, because as of tomorrow, I am now starting my personal project: Becoming Batman. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ve just got the balls to actually push through with this, because the goal here is simply become Batman (or more accurately the man beneath the mask, though I’ll keep this title because it reads cool).

I’m looking at both personas. Bruce Wayne and The Batman.

The plan is to follow the ridiculous regimen of the Bat as seen in the encyclopedia: BATMAN: WORLD OF THE DARK KNIGHT. I’ll be posting about how I went through with the schedule followed by Bruce Wayne at day and Batman at night (except for the crime fighting of course, the police can handle that one) with the simple idea of having the physical and mental state that could pull off being the caped crusader.


But why will I do it? Why not try and fail with epic proportions? Why not aim high and let the heaven be your judge? Tomorrow I’m doing the Patrick Bateman routine, and tomorrow morning is the Bruce Wayne regimen. Wish me luck because Day #001 might just be the day I give up as well because of how crazy this is.


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