15.02 Challenge Update #03

Free weights are the best because you follow your normal physiologic range of motion. And I tried a wine steamed chicken today, it was disgusting!

Workout Update: The One-Handed Bench Press isn’t even that impressive, it’s just what I do when no one wants to spot me during Front and Back Tuesday. People just get intimidated when I pull out the heavy weights, but what they don’t know is that IT’S EASIER! At my gym, the Pectoralis people like to show off how much they can bench while wearing baggy pants to hide their pencils legs (I’ve seen them in the locker room dudes! You’re not fooling me!). But as one who does DTP, people just move away when I pull out the free weights to bench.

Anyway, there’s the tip for you. To get people shrinking in the corner, do heavy weight one hand bench presses. It’s easier, targets the core (because you need to balance) and apparently intimidating.

No Sugar: Why must the people in my house buy a bucket of chocolate coated pretzel sticks during my Sugarless crusade!? I almost took a stick god damn it!

Limited Gaming: Well, today was a terrible day for this. My class starts in the afternoon and I had the entire day to my self and I succumbed to the temptation. Shame on me.


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