15.01 Challenge Update #31 Conclusion

I set out to do the following:

1. Remove Sugar from my diet completely
2. Workout Daily

Did I accomplish them both? Yes! Congratulations to me! I want my trophy now!

What have I learned from this months challenge? It’s simply the fact that when we decide (truly decide) to do something, we can do it. Loser make excuses, success stories push on. As my last update for the month, I can just say it was a great 30 days, not an enjoyable one for sure, but great. Now what happens? Do I stop the no sugar? Do I stop the daily workout?

Hell no!

It’s time to step it up with the 15.02 Challenge. I’ll be conceptualizing that for now and make the overview tomorrow, but I’m going to make next months challenge even more hero-worthy.


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