Batman End Game – A Scott Snyder Masterpiece

The New 52 Reboot that happened after Flashpoint had mixed reactions. But from where I am in the internet, a lot of people hated it. I personally thought the Justice League title was completely misguided, and everything else was just a mess. But what I really found to be awesome was the Gotham titles.

Batman #01 was a prologue to the first Batman Storyline in this reboot: “The Court of Owls”. And it was with this title that Scott Snyder began rebuilding the Batman Mythos for the better. Scott did the impossible, where every other writer began “rebranding characters” by changing what made them icons (thus ruining what most fans considered canon), Scott respected the very essence of Batman and began adding to the legend of the Dark Knight.


And that’s why Scott Snyder is the best writer in DC right now. Unlike Geoff Johns spitting on the legacy of Wonder Woman with what the hell he’s doing with her in Justice League. But back to my point, Scott has taken the path less taken, by instead of breaking down the foundations of the characters and rebuilding, he kept the identity of Batman and built upon with his own brilliance.

With Death of the Family shifting relationships between the Bat-Family and Zero Year that pays tribute to “No Man’s Land”, he continues to build Batman’s Gotham for the better with a fresh new lore with each new arc. Which brings us to End Game and the devil underneath Gotham.

End Game is latest storyline which would give us the Joker’s Last Bow from the mind of Scott. I personally would call it his best story (yet), because it changes everything I’d like to believe about how the story of Joker was made. Allan Moore’s Killing Joke is probably the 2nd Graphic Novel I’ve read after “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, and the Joker story there was what I always considered as the one that made sense. But with End Game, it just changes everything, but in a good way.

Who is Joker? Why is he so persistent? Or more accurately, enduring? Among the entire roster of the Rogue’s Gallery, why is Joker, a killer in a clown’s guise, the greatest nemesis to the Batman. A man who has fought supervillains, assassins and monsters, and still came out victorious?

This was answered amazingly in End Game. While Batman fights off a horde of Joker’s while searching for the real one, the myth of the clown prince of crime is told in 5 seemingly crazy stories. But with what each new page is telling us, after four stories down, will the 5th one finally answer it all?


Batman #39 comes out February 25, 2015


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