15.01 Challenge Update #28 & #29

I’m just hungry all the time now. This isn’t an effect of the intermittent fasting that I’m used to, but it’s one I’ve experienced before. I just can’t remember how I coped with it back then.

But this happens when you go to that 24 hours by 2 days a week interval because in the first 2 weeks your body will be protesting, demanding you to stop the deprivation and get back to normal caloric intake routine. It will be another month before I get used to selective deprivation, but damn it’s hard.

Every week, I have to watch 4 TV shows, read 8 comics, play at least 20 minutes of my mobile game, read a book, all while teaching 18 year old college students who have little to no interest in attending my classes and keep to a regular workout schedule with an extreme diet. I should be dead now.

But you know what keeps me going? The fact that I actually have a choice in this. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing at any given moment you can give up, but you don’t. That conscious choice keeps me alive.

It’s the same philosophy in my life overall. I could let my classes go, I could get a new career, I could just accept my body and be like those guys saying “They’re all about that bass”. But I choose not to, because I could be better.

Today is rest day after 3 days of DTP, tomorrow will be a shoulder and trap destruction day. Let’s go for gold!


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