15.01 Challenge Update #27

Yesterday I found out that I really am stronger than I think chest wise. Though I’m still growing in terms of back.

It was DTP chest and Back with a focus on flat and angled bench presses, and two pulling machines. And I found that thanks to all the push ups I have been doing, I could easily do 180 lbs with little to no effort. I had to step up and move to be 200 before I went to absolute failure at 10 reps. And it was dangerous too, since I was using dumb bells.

But I live in the edge.

As for back, it’s a totally different story. If I couldn’t do 1 pull up I know that I have a long way to go in terms of my back. I was doing cable rows and cable pull downs and I was gasping at 40 reps at 70lbs. (Embarrassing).

But since I know my weaknesses, I know what to work on!


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