15.01 Challenge Update #26

The best way to celebrate leg day is to buy new boots!

Monday is leg day for me and I had a date with the leg press and I am hurting today.


Here’s my DTP notes for leg day, basically just multiply that by two for the drop set after set 5. And I have to admit, this had me gasping for air more than usual. I always believed that people tend to underestimate the power of their lower body, but after today I just seemed to have overestimate me strength.

Anyway, goals for today accomplished! Off to do chest and back tomorrow.

For anyone interested, there is DTP app available in the Play store and App store.


6 thoughts on “15.01 Challenge Update #26

      1. Haha, presses are a perfectly viable, good exercise. I’ve just known dudes who stack 5 plates on each side and claim to be able to squat the same amount of weight.

      2. That can’t be true. I like the leg press because of how easy you isolate the legs without putting strain on your neck and back. But a squat is a totally different monster.

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