15.01 Challenge Update #24

As the end of the month approaches, what have I learned from all the working out and deprivation?

That unless you make something your magnificent obsession, you will never really accomplish anything. You have to think about your goals constantly, reach for them at continuous intervals so that you remember the feeling of getting to accomplish them.

Today is a rest day, but I won’t go to bed until I do just a couple of push ups. That would keep my magnificent obsession at bay until workout day on Monday. Happy Weekend everybody!


10 thoughts on “15.01 Challenge Update #24

  1. It’s my rest day as well!!! Friday’s are leg day & Saturdays are the why is leg day Friday days.

      1. Thats cool. I just do whatever my dad is doing! What’s your end goal?

      2. That’s the real question isnt it? It’s doing a hand stand, the day I’m able to do that ill be happy. You?

      3. I want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year. So the goal is to be able to look amazing in a Wonder Woman costume haha

      4. Haha thats why i’m going to work really hard at it. If I make it you’ll definitely see the pictures!!

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