15.01 Challenge Update #21 & #22

Yesterday was rest day, so I totally forgot to make an update. But today, is a killer arm DTP day.

I did so many bicep curls and tricep extensions I literally had my sleeves tighten after 20 minutes. Seriously! The lactic acid building up after 300 reps of a single move with incrementally increasing weight will sure buff up whatever part of your body. But the arms are one of my weakest body parts, but how can that be?

Well, for the past few years, when I hit the Iron Jungle, I cheat.

What I mean is that I use straps to support my wrists and hold on to bars. This allows for better isolation of body parts, where my focus would be on the back instead of my grip, so sure I’m able to pull 200lbs down, but I couldn’t sustain my grip without help. So fast forward to now, my forearms are incapable of holding free weights that long, and with my straps in the gym I couldn’t really cheat with my weights here at home.

So as embarrassing as it is, I was struggling with meeting 30 reps of 5lbs Barbell Curls. Yep, 5 freakin lbs.

But, as long as I complete the DTP workout, I’m happy.


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