15.01 Challenge Update #20

I keep moving my updates a day ahead, so for today (#20) I’m going back to the original posting schedule. I didn’t even get to watch Gotham today, so many things happening, I can’t keep up with the world. But priority isn’t really page views, it’s myself. Today as I mentioned this morning is Chest & Back DTP day.

So for this update, I’m going to talk about why I do my version of DTP over any other workout program out there. If you want to learn more about DTP, click the links, the site will tell more than I ever could in a better presentation.

Anyway, this program is designed to maximize bulking up in the shortest amount of time, thus the diet and workout regimen inducing maximum muscle growth in 12 weeks. Now, my goal is weight loss, why on earth would I want to do this program that tells me to eat more to bulk up? Because I’m not doing DTP really, I’m doing a modified version of it.

The things I learned from crossfit is that do enough weighted reps fast enough, it becomes cardio. So, I just reduce the weight just a few reps before absolute failure and now I have crossfit move. So the workout is a combination of crossfit and DTP which works well for my goal of weight loss. The diet is of course modified to suite a weight loss diet which means I will be recovering slowly, because my proteins are limited and I’m cutting off a lot of carbs and fats.

So that’s really the long & short of it all. Tomorrow is arms and shoulders, which should be interesting. Let’s see if I can still move on Thursday!


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