15.01 Challenge Update #19

If I told you I did 600 reps of 350lbs Leg Presses in 25 minutes, would you believe me?

If you saw me do 600 reps of 350lbs Leg Presses in 25 minutes, you would call me crazy and just asking for a crippling injury.

Well, here’s the story why I did 600 reps of 350lbs Leg Presses in 25 minutes today. It goes back to a few years ago, I was fresh out of college and straight into grad school. I finally found enough time to actually focus on going to the gym and I was very motivated to succeed. I did my research and this eventually got me to Kris Gethin (then Editor in Chief of Bodybuilding.com), and I was just inspired by him in a lot of ways.

He taught me to control my environment and that pushing your limits is the only way to evolve, to achieve things other bodybuilders couldn’t dream of. And when I embraced his philosophies in the iron jungle, I achieved so much than I could possibly expect.


I weighed 200lbs at 5 foot 6. Seem wrong in BMI standards but I was 18% body fat back then. This was after 4 months of doing Kris Gethins DTP, where I benched 250lbs, pushed squats of 400lbs. I know I’m bragging, but it was during this time that I actually peaked in my physical fitness. But after my work and grad school caught up with me 3 years later I’m 230lbs with a scary 33% body fat. Where did all that work go?

So this is why I did 600 reps of 350llbs Leg Presses today. Because it’s Leg Day in the DTP calendar, and if I could go back to that groove I once had, well then awesome is back.


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