15.01 Challenge Update #17

I said I would fast today, totally failed that because I had to interact with a lot of people today, especially with the holiday break coming to an end and school resumes on Monday. That’s the best thing about working in the University, you only work when the students come to class, but you get paid all year long (except during summer, I do side projects then). But anyway, while with people, I went ahead and gave myself a much needed massage and it was awesome.

I imagined my body like dough and masseuse the baker and I was just folded and kneaded now I feel all fluffy and light, not to mention so full of pain. A full body massage is like taking a tactical beating where precise parts of your body is attacked continuously for an entire hour. Sure it was great, but walking out limping from the salon is the last thing I want people to see. Anyway, that’s today, I’m moving my fasting to Monday where I can be distracted by work.

Anyone else got a massage lately? How was it?


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