15.01 Challenge Update #15

So 50% done with the month, how am I doing?

Pretty good, not well, but good. In a way, deliberately removing sugar from your diet is one of the easiest thing to do if you’re willing to open yourself to alternative sources of sweetness. Stevia for example that I have been growing in my mother’s garden has been a great way to sweeten up my bitter teas. But the real secret is accepting the fact that I can’t really go back to the experience of sugar ever again.

And that’s the hardest part of it. Sugar has been a significant part of people’s lifestyles that it becomes almost impossible to go through a day without it. In your coffee and other beverages, plain water just won’t cut it anymore.

Anyway, after yesterday’s schenanigans with the HIIT, I went a step down and just did a few kilometers of walking. I’m not sure how far, I just went ahead and walked. That’s for half-way update.

Any of you guys doing good on your new year’s resolutions?


2 thoughts on “15.01 Challenge Update #15

  1. So far so good. Keeping to my 1-post-a-day at 9 am Eastern Standard. Occasionally screwed up a couple times but that was because of inattentiveness not ignoring my resolve.

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