15.01 Challenge Update #10 & #11

January 10, 2015 – Completed my fasting at 16 hours. I’m still a little ashamed of myself for not going the full 24 hours, but I’ll try again next week. When I get a hang of it, I’ll be doing the fasting at 16 hours twice a week. Anyway, that did leave me very weak that I couldn’t even get to type in this update.

January 11, 2015 – Woke up late despite sleeping in early last night and I just couldn’t really get myself off the bed. The caloric deprivation has some weird effects on me this time, maybe it’s because I’m ‘fatter’ as compared to the last time I did the fasting, but the long term effects won’t manifest until a few more weeks. Today, I managed to sneak in a workout (40 minute cardio) in a Sunday. Other than that, I still stuck with the no sugar challenge, so I’m still doing pretty well up to this point.


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