15.01 Challenge Update #08

I’m getting addicted to Angus beef lately, though I’m not sir of it’s the best protein for my wallet. This was my thought process throughout the day while I’m meditating to prepare for this week’s fasting.

Let’s go through that experiment that I did back in college where I will do selective deprivation and limit my intake of calories for an entire day. Other mentally stronger people would do up to 48 hours. Now some would actually say this is crazy, especially pro bodybuilders who go on complex diets and call  fasting as a bullet biting strategy. But as a mastery of discipline and self, this is an awesome way to do it.

I won’t bore you with the research on intermittent fasting because there are a lot of other pl aces you can look that up.

Anyway, diet research and me standing outside the store window looking at the beautiful pair of boots I can’t buy yet.


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