15.01 Challenge Update #07

I’m walking on sunshine and my legs hurt. Wohow!

Just yesterday I was planning my roadwork, basically the course I’ll be taking when I jog every morning, and I found out that a full 4km route would take me directly from my very sub-urban mountain community to the heart of the city. And given my pace that would take around an hour or a little more.


And I was taking my boots for one last run so J & I went for a hike in the woods for a little varied terrain to just well give the boots a final farewell because I’ll be getting a new pair tomorrow.

So that’s really the highlight of the day, nothing much, because the woods are woods. Full of green things sticking of the ground, people call them “threes” which is absurd. Threes is a group of the number three, which is an abstract concept of thought to represent quantity. Pfff. Threes growing out of the ground.

Now if you haven’t been able to follow that joke, I pity you more than my terrible sense of humor. Anyway, the photo above was just a crude shot I took of what I was looking at for the entire hike. It’s kind of serene and relaxing until I feel the roots and stones striking at the base of my foot as we went along. I can’t wait to get my new boots.


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