15.01 Challenge Update #05

My boots are made for walking, and they’re down for the count!

I love military-grade boots, they snug my heel well and provide the needed ankle support for that 250lbs Squat. When I got my first pair of boots, I instantly fell in love with it. Being a bear in the mountains, I hike everyday through wild terrain, I enjoyed the fact that my feet are protected and the shields are standing up to the torture. Those boots lived out my entire highschool life and half of college, lasting 6 years before I needed to trade them in for a new pair of Caterpillar Tactical Boots.

But it seems off the shelf boots can’t hold a candle to my custom made ones, because they only lasted 2 years. The sad thing is that I loved those boots, they held up through a lot, going against the last storm that hit the Philippines, but they age very quickly.


These no longer keep out the elements and are actually starting to fall apart with each passing day. So today, I was out doing some shopping for new boots. Since my old cobbler is retired, I don’t have anywhere to go for custom boots and have to make due with the commercial ones. The problem now is which one to get?

Anyway, these will be essential when I go back to my road work at the end of the week because I’m already considering of going back to the gym. I think it’s time to hit the IRON again.


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