15.01 Challenge Update #04

I didn’t know I could dance!


Actually I do, whenever the music gets funky, I just dance! That’s one thing my family get’s weirded out about me, and it’s one of those things I’d rather keep in the confines of my home. But yeah, I like to get boogy with “it”, and this is why in 2008 I got Hip Hop Abs. This was when I was 190lbs (10lbs overweight) and was trying to lose the excess. And this was my cardio in the morning before my friends and I would hit the iron.

I found my old copy of Hip Hop abs and did two of the routines this morning, and I recall how much I enjoyed working out to this DVD. It’s not for all people, but for me, I’d rather have fun working out and making it a chore.


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