15.01 Challenge Update #03

Daily Selfies are my thing now!

Hi everybody! I’ve started a habit of taking a picture of my face just to see how my face transforms from Day 1 of this challenge to Day 356. People say that when losing weight, the first thing people notice would be the face, and I’ll be making a time lapse of that on the end of the month and see if I indeed made any progress.

On the eating front, I’m really hating the restaurants here in the city when they literally have no water available for drinking. Yes, literally. Every menu has some form of shake or iced-tea (apparently you can have it in multiple colors), but no water. The family went out today for a movie and before we went to the cinema, we ate a very late lunch and well that’s when i found out about the colorful iced-tea.

So I went through 4 hours with out drinking anything because there was nothing to drink that wouldn’t violate my NO SUGAR rule.

I was just glad that we got home just in time before I died of dehydration. So lesson, never leave the house without my own water. The world outside is just designed to make you fat.


2 thoughts on “15.01 Challenge Update #03

  1. It’s very person to person as to where you see it first, but progress photos are always a good idea. On my last cut I had no idea how much I’d changed until I compared progress pics.

    1. I actually never did progress photos when I was in college when I first did Bodybuilding. I’m trying it out this time and maybe I’d actually keep the physique and not go yoyo with myself 🙂

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