15.01 Challenge Update #01

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Though it’s been 21 hours since the new year here, greetings to everyone none-the-less. As I mentioned in my 2015 Personal Improvement Overview post, I will be making my first update today as well. And new year is all about new beginnings right? And I’m going to kick off 2015 with a boom!

The Challenge for the month is a) Daily Workouts & b) No Sugars. The same with last month, but this time I’m actually going to not suck at it completely and actually finish it strong. No excuses! January is all about new beginnings, like Easter, only more selfish and less ‘holy’.

Now, the thing about reboots is that they don’t make sense if you don’t actually change anything. So, reflecting on my mistakes from last month:

  1. Easily distracted. I was prioritizing too many things at once that I didn’t really value my challenge that much.
  2. Sparse Updates. What made my 14.11 Challenge successful was being able to document my progress daily, which I failed to do for the 14.12 Challenge.

Knowing this things, I will be approaching those problems head on. I’ve programmed my wrist watch and alarms to remind me of my workout at fair intervals and including the time for me to actually update my blog. With this, I’m putting aside all barriers to my success. This is who I am, who I should be, nothing can keep me from achieving what I want.


And, I also started my new Planner & 2015 Journal. A NEW YEAR FOR WRITING AS WELL!


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