14.12 Challenge Update 24

I can honestly say that this months challenge was a total failure.

I woke up to ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ one my feel good songs, but as I adjust my eyes to the light of LEDs on my computer, I began to think about what I accomplished this month. And I knew I accomplished nothing.

Sure, I was able to improve my pushups significantly, but that was not the goal. The goal was total physical workouts with a restricted diet.

And I chose the wrong month to do it in, December, when food was always on the table, when family keeps me from working out. I was bound to fail.

But as I type that sentence, I realized I was typing loser talk, the statements of someone who makes excuses instead of taking action. And I’m not supposed to be that guy, im supposed to be better than that.

2 days to the new year, it doesn’t matter that I failed this month, what matters is that I don’t blame the circumstances, just myself for not taking action.


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