14.12 Challenge Update 22

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I couldn’t blog because the past few days were days spent with the family, and in a Filipino households, gadgets are closed for the duration of the day. But in a typical Filipino celebration, Holiday meals are often a trap to get you to eat too much, but despite that, I placed myself to a higher standard and ate a reasonable & healthy portion.

During the conquest of Genghis Kahn, he would call for a mass slaughtering of cows to prepare a massive pot of Shabu-shabu to feed to his men. He believed the combination of the meat and the other ingredients gave his men god-like powers to conquer the world. Though not as magical as expected, Shabu-shabu is indeed an amazing dish for people who would like to go on a diet.

It’s simply beef stew with a variety of vegetables. The entire meal is made by boiling every ingredient and letting only the flavors of each component enhance the broth. I’ve been making this for 2 days already, and it’s the main dish I’ve been eating and it’s great!

Not only is it healthy, but it keeps me from eating carbs so it does help in my diet in a way.

Anyway, that’s all the update I’m going to do tonight, I need to sleep, interacting with the family is tiresome.


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