14.12 Challenge Update 21

I missed a lot of updates, all because the Dawn Masses are eating up much of my time. Though for the past few days, getting through 35+ pushups in a day was still the challenge at hand. Nothing much except I feel my pectoralis muscles growing significantly.

What makes a pushup difficult is the simple fact that it’s more of a core exercise than a chest exercise. Sure the movement is on the Chest & Arms, but properly executing this movement requires complete control over your abdominals and lower back as well. I recall a Men’s Health podcast where Alwyn Cosgrove described the proper pushup.

Feet together, face nearly touches the floor and return to the original position at the end of the movement. Also, the time going down should be the same as going up, so a rep that is done in less than a second is improperly done.

When done properly, the muscles engaged are really the core as your try to keep your body straight both in the ascent and descent. A lot of nights recently, my lower back felt a dull pain and I couldn’t bend forward properly because my abs just hurt so much. All from doing 5-10 pushups every 10 minutes for an hour.

Anyway, that was my days, how are you guys doing?


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